Syria Strongly Condemns US Provocation against China over Taiwan

Syria stands strongly with China against the latest provocations by the United States of America in regards to Taiwan, a statement by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Syria condemns with the strongest terms the US unprecedented escalation and provocative policy against China,” reiterating that “the declaration of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives to visit Taiwan during her Asian trip is an act of hostility which does not match with the international law, and doesn’t respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China.”

Syria has been experiencing the provocations of the USA and its host of proxies for decades dangerously escalated in the past 11.5 years when the USA got involved directly in the creating and sponsoring of terrorist groups in Syria, the likes of Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL), FSA, and the ‘secular’ Kurdish SDF separatists.

While the USA, and its chorus of parrots, criticize Chinese involvement in the Chinese province of Taiwan, they all collectively and individually interfere in Syria by all means sinister causing the deaths, maiming, displacing, and suffering of millions of Syrians, a hypocrisy only the westerners are capable of conducting and not realizing.

Syria’s official support to China in its latest confrontation with the USA and separatists in the Chinese breakaway province of Taiwan is based on international law, can any of those western countries explain why they do not recognize Taiwan as an independent country if they claim China is breaching its sovereignty?!

More in this report: Syria Strongly Supports China in Light of Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan, Foreign Ministry.

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