Syrian Army Captain Killed in an Attacks by ISIS Remnants in Daraa

A Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Captain was killed in a car explosion and a checkpoint of the SAA was attacked by armed gunmen almost simultaneously in the province of Daraa, southern Syria a day ago, both terrorist attacks were carried out by ISIS (ISIL) remnants.

An explosive device planted under the car of SAA Captain Muhammad Mansour Hawash was detonated while he was going through the city of Daraa, the SAA officer was rushed to the hospital but soon succumbed to his wounds.

At around the same time as detonating Captain Hawash’s vehicle, a group of heavily armed terrorists attacked a Syrian Army Military Security checkpoint in the western countryside of Daraa, no casualties were reported from the attack, and the terrorists fled the scene heading east.

The entirety of the province of Daraa was mostly cleaned from ISIS terrorists who took over ‘somehow’ from the ‘moderate rebels’ of the ‘FSA’ the region with no fight before they were defeated by the Syrian Arab Army back in 2018, since then, there remained some pockets within the city of Daraa itself and around which were cleaned as well from the terrorists, however, when the Syrian army goes on the pursuit of terrorists heading east they are faced with the US army illegally deployed in the Syrian Al Tanf region.

There’s no doubt among the Syrians that the US Army operating illegally in the Al Tanf area provides the shelter ISIS and its affiliated terrorists need, there’re also reports by the US army themselves bragging about carrying out military drills and providing Maghawir Thawra, an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group with weapons and brand new machine-gun mounted Toyota pick-up trucks.

Further details, an interactive map showing the sites of the terrorist attacks and the location of the US illegal military base in this report: US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists Kill Syrian Army Captain in Daraa.

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