Thank You China: 30 Buses Presented by China Put in Service in Damascus

China delivered 100 buses at the end of last month June in addition to the previous 100 buses delivered to Syria a couple of years earlier in the Chinese humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, 30 of the latest batch of buses have been commissioned by the Public Transportation Authority to serve the people of Damascus.

The 30 buses will operate on 3 vital arteries within the Syrian capital Damascus serving tens of thousands of people with their different needs for daily transport.

Syrians are accustomed to public transport, and buses are very beneficial, especially with the continuous rise in fuel prices and the severe shortages of fuel due to the inhumane western, US, and European, sanctions and blockade imposed on the Syrian people for several years already, and topped by the theft of Syrian oil by the US army and its proxy terrorists in northern Syria.

All logistics needed to operate the buses were concluded including the registration, mandatory insurance coverage, training of drivers, and allocating of enough fuel for the buses.

Contrary to the Western ‘support’ of the Syrian people which comprises arming Al Qaeda, its offshoot ISIS (ISIL), and other terrorist groups, bombing Syrian infrastructure, plundering Syrian oil, stealing Syrian wheat, and imposing a blockade on the Syrian people, China has maintained its real and proper support to Syria as a sovereign nation with deeply-rooted friendly ties with all the world, including Chinese humanitarian and political support.

More in this report: 30 Buses Entered Service in Damascus out of the 100 Gifted by China.

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