The Theft of an Additional 45 Tankers Loaded with Syrian Oil by the US Army

Locals in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah spotted two long convoys of trucks, oil tankers, reefers, and other vehicles moving from their region into neighboring Iraq in two shipments and through two different illegal border crossings, the two convoys were escorted by vehicles of the US army and their proxy Kurdish SDF separatists.

The oil tankers were loaded and were moving stolen Syrian oil from the wells in the Rmelan and Al Shaddadi in the province, the locals said there were 20 oil tankers in one of the convoys and 25 oil tankers in the other.

This is an ongoing theft of Syrian resources especially oil and in addition to wheat and at times the Syrian people need it the most, the US forces are operating in Syria against international law, violating the UN Charter, and are actively supporting terrorist groups overtly like in the case of the Kurdish SDF separatists and covertly like the case of ISIS (ISIL) and other Al Qaeda-affiliated groups.

More in this report: Biden Forces Smuggle Additional 45 Tankers of Stolen Syrian Oil into Iraq.

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