Locals in Northern Syria Block US Army’s Vehicles Force them to Retreat

Syrians fed up with the US Army stealing their oil and wheat are increasingly standing up to the occupation and mercenary forces wherever they spot them, the latest was a confrontation in the Hasakah countryside, in the northeast of Syria where the US army vehicles were faced by the locals.

Villagers in Al-Mujaibara, a small village in the furthest northeast of Syria not far from the borders with Iraq spotted a US army vehicles column heading to an illegal US military base through their village, they blocked the road and stoned the invaders, a Syrian Arab Army unit rushed to protect the villagers in case the oil thieves get some crazy ideas.

On their part, the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) units deployed in the northern Syrian provinces of Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah are also increasingly confronting the US occupation forces after a period of avoiding igniting wide-scale clashes with the occupiers.

In a nearby village of Al-Mujaibara, the locals stoned the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists after their village was stormed by these thugs, the villagers have also had it with these little traitors, oil and wheat thieves, and the oppression they’re suffering under the hands of the US army and its stooges, as if they didn’t have enough with the terrorists of ISIS and Al Qaeda Levant (aka HTS – Nusra Front..) to replace one US proxy group to another.

Details in the above video and further information in this report: Syrians Confronting US Occupation Army and its SDF Proxies in Hasakah.

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