NATO at the UNSC Pressuring to Extend Al Qaeda Lifeline in Northern Syria

Without any shame, the ambassadors of the United States of America, France, and Britain, along with a number of their stooges and some international agencies they control continue pushing for an extension of the lifeline supply route for Al Qaeda in Idlib, northern Syria, a mechanism they managed to adopt under ‘humanitarian cross-border aid’ package to allow free supplies to areas under the control of terrorist groups without going through Syrian-controlled areas within Syria.

The mechanism to violate Syria’s sovereignty and provide a supply line of uncontrolled aid to terrorist groups in areas within Syria was passed a couple of years ago on a temporary basis, it was extended already more than once on further temporary bases, and now it’s expiring now on the 12th of this month unless the P3 NATO members manage to convince the other P2 members, China and Russia to vote with them on this ridiculous violation of the UN’s own Charter.

Those same NATO member states and their EU ilk hypocritically caring about the Syrians under the control of terrorist groups in northern Syria have imposed inhumane draconian sanctions and medieval-styled blockade on over 16.5 million Syrians in the rest of Syria causing enormous suffering among the vast majority of Syrians.

Breaching Syria’s sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and sponsoring foreign fighters known for their extremism in committing crimes against humanity is an official policy of the same countries crying for the sovereignty of Ukraine in the face of the Russian special military operation to denazify its bordering neighbor country and protect its national security from, how about that for hypocrisy.

The western leaders, those of the three out of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, can get away with their war crimes around the world only with the accomplices of their citizens who foot the bills for the foreign interventions for those former colonial powers, who vote those officials into office, who re-vote those officials into office time and again, and who never hold their officials proven guilty of war crimes abroad accountable for their war crimes and the astronomical spending of their hard-earned tax money in those adventures abroad.

More about the first resolution passed by the UNSC to supply Al Qaeda in Syria bypassing the Syrian authorities, background on the topic, the consecutive renewals of the resolution, and more are detailed by veteran American activist and political analyst Miri Wood: UNSC Syria Meeting: Pedersen Continues as Failure; Fake Torture Victim Celeb Guest.

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