Syrian Army Special Forces Drill attended by Top Russian and Syrian Army Commanders

The Syrian Minister of Defense accompanied by several top Syrian army commanders along with the commander of the Russian army in Syria with some of his leading officers attended an intensive military drill by a unit within the Syrian Army’s special forces near Damascus.

The special forces unit apparently comprises all specialties within the army ranks, all put into display including airdrops, live ammunition firing from light, medium, and heavy weapons, helicopter attacks and transportation, and armored vehicles, not to mention the personal combat skills showcased in the drill.

A military drill with live ammunition within a close range to the top commanders of two main armies at war times attending is not that common around the world, at times the attendees were merely a few meters away from the direct drill, that much professionalism and trust is known to be the main trait for the Syrian army that for 11 continuous years have managed to fight against and win against special forces of the two strongest NATO armies, the US and Turkish, and literally tens of thousands of suicide heavily armed and highly trained terrorists.

More and links to other related news in this post: Top Syrian and Russian Army Commanders in Syria attend SAA Special Forces Drill.

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