NATO at the UNSC Struggling to Extend Al Qaeda Lifeline into Northern Syria

It’s circus time for the representatives of NATO member states at the United Nations Security Council, it’s the time of the year when the lifeline to their sponsored Al Qaeda and affiliates expires and needs to be extended by a vote in the Council, they’re jumping everywhere and throwing what’s left of the weight of their countries behind the extension of the deliberate breaching of Syria’s sovereignty, something they are fighting in the opposite direction when it comes to their puppet regime in Ukraine, just for the sake of hypocrisy.

Talking of which, the hypocrisy, the European Union managed within one month to:

  1. Add more sanctions on Russia for breaching Ukraine’s sovereignty.
  2. Convene a conference on Syria without Syria and even this year excluding Russia as well, the main party and its main supporter in the crisis, in the conference they pledged to help ease the humanitarian issue in Syria.
  3. Exert maximum pressure on the UNSC to extend the lifeline for Al Qaeda in Idlib and elsewhere in the north of Syria breaching the country’s sovereignty under the pretext of humanitarian supplies.
  4. Renew their own EU inhumane draconian illegal sanctions on the 16.5 million Syrians, again to help ease the suffering of the Syrian people!

So on one hand, they push to extend a lifeline to enclaves controlled by Al Qaeda, which they claim to list as a terrorist organization, but block the real trade and businesses with and for the vast majority of Syrians living in the rest of the country not controlled by Al Qaeda or their BFF Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists. PPH: Plain Pure Hypocrisy.

In her excellent piece to Syria News, American veteran political analysis Miri Wood breaks down the hypocrisy and includes a sample of the Sarmada Palaces, a luxurious neighborhood in a city in Idlib countryside owned by Al Qaeda warlords and built by the taxpayers of the willful fools of the west who send their humanitarian aid, or that what their politicians tell them, to these warlord terrorists: UNSC: NATO ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ Bleat over Syria’s ‘Needs’.

Your objective comments are always welcome.
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