Mini-USA Israel Bombs Several Targets in Syria on Sabbath

Whoever says that Israel represents the Jewish people should look no further than to the Torah, ask a Rabbi from those who continuously condemn Zionism and its product, the temporary settlers entity dubbed as Israel. Yesterday’s bombing against Syria shows with no doubt their disrespect to the commandments of the Jewish religion itself and here we’re referring to the Sixth Commandment: לא תרצח.

Israel carried out a barrage of missiles bombing yesterday evening against targets in 4 Syrian provinces, namely Latakia, Tartous, Homs, and Hama. The Syrian air defense units managed to shoot down the majority of the incoming missiles, some of those missiles reached their targets and killed 5 Syrians, 2 of them are civilians and 3 of the Syrian army. The Israelis have no issues with firing dozens of missiles as long as the US and its stooges are ready to pay for those spent missiles from its own taxpayers’ hard-earned monies.

It is no secret that Israel is working hard ever since it noticed the tendency of the USA to reduce its direct footprint in the region, the Levant, in particular, the USA has many reasons for such tendency with the financial burden at its top, the USA has spent 7 trillion dollars on wars for Israel in the region, and these are the words of one of the most loyal US presidents to Israel, Donald Trump; the current uncontrollable spiraling US debt can be attributed to these spendings.

The USA has adversaries who grew in power, mainly in the past decade when it was hell-bent on destroying Syria in its invented and sponsored color revolution version for the Arab world which is called the ‘Arab Spring’, those who still doubt this was a US plot should check with a shrink.

Syria’s refusal to allow a gas pipeline to extend from Qatar to Europe in 2008 was one of the main objectives of the US-led war of terror and attrition against Syria, today, we see the fruits of Syria’s refusal, had the Syrians accepted this gas pipeline and joined the US camp, it would have strangled the economies of Russia and Iran, and would have helped isolate China; remember, we’re talking about 14 years ago.

Israel is desperate to start a regional war long before the current Russian special military operation in Ukraine, this Russian operation has pushed the Israelis to their edge as they see their work for decades in Ukraine getting ruined, they managed to install a regime in Kiev loyal to the Zionist cause to the extent that the Zionist Jews in Ukraine form the smallest minority yet the posts of the president, prime minister, ministers of defense and culture, the mayors of main Ukrainian cities, the embedding of the Nazi battalions within the Ukrainian army, and the financial system of Ukraine were all under the Zionists control, now threatened.

Pentagon ‘strategists’ and their ‘Israeli’ allies have not expected that Syria could withstand the aggression by 350,000 anti-Islamic suicide terrorists brought into the country from over 80 countries around the world and funded to the tune of 138 billion US dollars by the Saudis and Qataris alone until May 2017, of what has become known after the rift between Al Saud and Al Thani of Qatar which led their former prime minister to expose these spendings. Add to them the billions of dollars and Euros of funding to the fake revolution in Syria by the USA itself, the European Union, and a host of other countries even Japan!

These setbacks to the US/ Israel/ NATO/ Gulfies/ EU and all their institutions to take over Syria left Israel with no choice but to take advantage of the US troops still in the region (illegally in Syria and in Iraq), Turkey is still under the Zionist loyal slave and the enemy of everything Islamic the Turkish madman Erdogan, and the monies still in the coffers of Al Saud and Al Thani to start its regional war, to weaken Syria and its allies, and to help its boys in Ukraine by distracting Russia.

More in this report: Israel Launches New War Crimes against Syria: 5 Murdered, 7 Injured.

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