ISIS Assassinate Syrian Army Officer, Terrorists Flee to US-protected Zone

In the latest episode of renewed series of attacks against the Syrian people, the Syrian state, and the Syrian armed forces, ISIS remnants blew up a passengers’ car in a southern neighborhood of Damascus, killing a Syrian army officer and injuring a civilian in the targeted car.

The explosion took place on Wednesday 06 April as the vehicle was traveling on the Southern Ring Highway near the Al Midan neighborhood, the victims were rushed to the Al Mujahid Central Hospital in the same neighborhood, the SAA officer later succumbed to his wounds, the situation of the other passenger, a civilian, is still unstable by the time of the report.

Syrian main news outlets reported the terrorist attack but did not elaborate on the details, activists, later on, disclosed the identity of the targeted officer: Syrian Arab Army Colonel Engineer Hussam Ghayyadh.

Earlier this year, Syrian law enforcement captured a group of terrorists who carried out similar attacks, especially planting bombs in and under cars and buses, one of their deadliest attacks was when they killed 14 passengers on a bus of the Ministry of Defense Housing Establishment, the victims were civilian engineer contractors and some SAA engineers working for the establishment.

ISIS remnants hide in a 50 square kilometers area protected by the US army around the Syrian Al Tanf and Rukban concentration camp in the depts of the Syrian desert at the border junction with Iraq and Jordan, they move out of the zone and under the watchful eyes of the US forces to carry their terrorist attacks and return to safety within the zone after they accomplish it, yet, you’ll find people online claiming the US forces in Syria are combating terror…!

More about this latest terrorist attack in Damascus in this report: Syrian Arab Army Officer Assassinated by ISIS Remnants in Damascus.

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