France’s Disgusting Hypocrisy Exposed by a Caricature

The French ministry of foreign affairs summoned the Russian ambassador to France protesting a ‘disgraceful, completely inappropriate Russian behavior’ and all the French madness was because of the above caricature.

When first reading the news, one would wonder what was the so ‘disgraceful’ act that the Russian diplomatic mission committed on their embassy’s Twitter account that drew such anger, the Russians did not call ‘to take out’ the French president or promote racist slurs against the French people and carry out a ‘cancel culture’ against everything French, all of these and more were permitted by the western regimes against the Russian state, people, and heritage.

Seeing it was all about a caricature! If the relations between France and Russia were based on mutual respect then this French anger and protest could somehow be mildly understood, however, after all the hostilities of the French and their EU partners, they did NOT leave any space for the rest of the world to respect what they attacked in and of Russia.

That’s not all, remember the French claims that they cherish and protect ‘freedom of speech’ when one of their satirical magazines insisted on drawing caricatures targeting Prophet Muhammad? The prophet of a religion followed by nearly 2 billion people around the world… Why are they upset now from a caricature depicting their exact acts against Europe and the Russian people? What happened to their protection of ‘freedom of speech’?

More in this report: France Throws Hypocritical Hissy Fit over Russian Satirical Cartoon.

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