Masks Off: NATO’s Proxy Terrorists Reveal their Real Faces – Syria

For many, the different names of the different groups of the different ‘freedom fighters’ meant different ideologies, different goals, and different methods to achieve their goals, I can proudly say that I, with many of my countrymen and women had no doubt that all such groups have the same master through the many channels they are linked to it.

We were told that Syria’s ‘Foreign Legion’ was at first ‘peaceful protesters’ were faced by brutal oppression that members of the Syrian army and law enforcement agencies had to defect disobeying the orders to shoot at ‘peaceful protesters’ who were only carrying roses and wearing pink and to defend those ‘peaceful protesters’ and were called the FSA (Free Syrian Army) as they were joined by tens of thousands of volunteers from around the world, sounds familiar? Ukraine’s Foreign League?

Later on, we were told among those FSA ‘moderate terrorists’ were some very non-moderate but they were a minority, then we were told that more groups are joining and that those ‘minority radicals’ were so large that they were able to take large areas in both Syria and Iraq, with no foreign help at all, on the contrary, the NATO forces were fighting those terrorists, no evidence of such fighting was ever presented, all evidence was pointing to the opposite every single time, and then we had an ISIS state over an area that is 8 times the size of Lebanon and now we have Al Qaeda’s last safe haven and stronghold in Idlib after all those years of the Syrian army and its allies fighting the terrorists who the Pentagon kept apologizing for dropping weapons to them by mistake and bombing Syrian forces fighting them, by mistake as well…!

On the other hand, groups of armed ‘secular’ Kurdish people started pouring into Syria from neighboring Iraq to firstly, we were told, they wanted to protect the Kurds in Syria and later to establish a country for them in northern Syria which only happens to be the area where Syria’s main oil wells are and at the same time, Syria’s food basket is, no coincidences, if you think there’s any coincidence of US-supported separatists occupying regions rich with oil is some kind of a US plan you’re a conspiracy theorist and an Assad apologist.

The Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, we were told, are ultra secular, democratic, and patriotic people, except they’re none of any of these.

What are the odds that the ultra secular Kurdish separatists would join the ultra radical Al Qaeda terrorists in celebrating the beginning of the so-called ‘peaceful grassroots revolution’ that started 11 years ago? The ‘revolution’ that led to the killing of only Syrians, destroying only Syrian infrastructure, stealing Syrian oil and wheat, and uprooting and displacing millions of Syrian people? Don’t be surprised, but that’s exactly what happened, it was happening all along, but behind doors in NATO operation rooms which also included Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel, the world’s top oppressors joining forces to spread democracy and freedoms in Syria, making extra efforts to democratize Syria’s oil fields.

Shocking details in this report: NATO’s Al Qaeda and ISIS Terrorists Celebrating with NATO’s Kurdish SDF.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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