More Weapons Left behind by NATO’s Former ‘Foreign Legion’ in Syria Discovered

The policemen in a small village in central Syria discovered a quantity of ammunition left behind the Al Qaeda terrorists, locals were aiding in the discovery.

An abandoned house in the relatively small village of Afamia (known by historians as Apamea) in the northwestern countryside of Hama province was used as a warehouse to store ammunition, the village is within a mostly-Christian region on the right bank of the Orontes River.

The owner of the house is at large, the police investigations managed to link him to terrorist activities committed by Al Qaeda, the ammunition discovered and handed over to the competent law enforcement agency included 73 wooden boxes of bullets of different sizes and boxes of RPG projectiles.

Weapons and ammunition, in general, are not cheap, sending them into conflict zones add enormous costs in money and manpower, building up quantities as these recently discovered in addition to the thousands of tonnes discovered so far keeps us wondering to what extent are taxpayers in NATO member states ready to finance the procurement of such killing tools in Syria, the country that posed no threat at all to any NATO country, ever.

Al Qaeda in Syria was what the NATO-sponsored ‘moderate rebels’ morphed into after the horrific crimes by the so-called ‘peaceful protesters’ also sponsored by NATO could not be hidden anymore. They’re mostly of foreign elements, exactly what the embattled Ukrainian President Zelensky has built with his ‘foreign legion’ of radicals and terrorists he brought into his own country from all sides of the world including those from Idlib.

You can ignore all the above if you believe that the CIA is a charity organization whose main goal is to plant flowers around the world and is not allowed to plant any of its flowers in the USA itself.

More about this discovery in this report: District Police in Afamia Discover an Ammunition Depot Used by Al Qaeda.

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