Russia wants to Disarm and de-Nazify Ukraine, Why?

The whole world by now knows that Russia has started a military operation on the 24th of the last month, February, in its neighboring country Ukraine, NATO and its allies considered that an invasion and a breach of the sovereignty of an independent state, but why did Russia carry out this risky operation?

Before going into the reasons we might want to highlight some hypocrisy here and keep in mind that God has reserved the lowest dungeons of Hell for the hypocrites, if you believe in God; if you don’t then weigh in your own belief whether hypocrisy is a good thing.

When NATO country condemns Russia’s incursion into its direct neighboring country and crying for the sovereignty of an independent state we cannot but see what NATO has done to countries very far from their borders, in some cases like the leading member of NATO, the USA, on the other side of the planet, countries’ sovereignty not only breached by NATO, they were all out invaded, destroyed, millions killed, other millions maimed, more millions of human beings displaced from their homes and turned into refugees, sold as slaves and spare parts for organ traffickers, Iraq was invaded by NATO (Ukraine participated in that invasion) based on the lie of having weapons of mass destruction which were never found. Libya was invaded based on the lie that its leader Gaddafi wanted to kill peaceful protesters which turned out they were Al Qaeda terrorists who killed later on the US ambassador, Syria, an ongoing war waged against this country which never posed any danger to any NATO member state but they invented a lie of again an army killing their families while Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists are in Syria to protect those families from their brothers and fathers in the Syrian Army!

The list of countries devastated by NATO is endless and through decades, take for instance Afghanistan invaded and destroyed and remained under US occupation for 2 decades because some 19 cavemen flew civilian planes into a couple of towers in the USA, a very controversial story, and because 15 of those 19 cavemen were Saudis, that’s why the Afghani people suffered so much, don’t forget Somalia and the war didn’t end until this moment, Sudan, divided and devastated, and in case you don’t care about these non-white non-blue-eyed people, what about Serbia?!

NATO’s hypocrisy aside, for the past 8 years since 2014, the regime in Kiev (Kiyv) installed by the USA after toppling the democratically elected president, waged a horrific war against its own people, a systematic genocide though their targets were holding Ukrainian passports and though they were also white and blue-eyed, their crime was of being of Russian origins and speak the Russian language, around 8 – 9 million people in the Donbas region were bombarded, stripped of their rights to speak their native language, and lost 14,000 of them in this conflict based on UN and EU reports conveyed by the BBC…

These attacks against the eastern region of Ukraine were carried out by divisions of the Ukrainian army dominated by neo-Nazi groups.

On the eve of the Russian military operation, Ukrainian president Zelensky stated that he wants to join NATO, in addition to the EU, and acquire nuclear weapons. NATO directly on the Russian borders when NATO is supposed to be a defensive treaty to defend Western Europe from the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries, neither of these two exist since 1991, however, NATO kept expanding east and is already on the northern borders of Russia in Latvia and Estonia, and on the southern borders in Turkey, although these 3 countries are so far from the Atlantic Ocean. Not one inch eastward, was the promise by the US to the last USSR leader that NATO will not expand after the collapse of the USSR and the unification of Germany, how did that work out?

Every year since the defeat of Nazism in Europe, in which Russia sacrificed 26.5 million of its people to defeat this ideology and defend Europe from it, there’s a resolution presented at the United Nations to denounce the Nazi ideology, which we were told is bad, however, only the United States votes against it and the European member states abstain, and in recent years after the US took control of Ukraine, Ukraine joined the votes against the resolution to combat Nazism!

Zelensky was brought to power with the help of a Ukrainian Israeli Oligarch, he first promised to achieve peace in Ukraine and enhance his country’s ties with its direct neighbors including Russia, and to fight corruption in his country, even though his handler is one of the most corrupt figures in Europe who later fled to Israel and the USA imposed some bans against him.

Prior to the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Zelensky not only failed to achieve any of those promises, but 14 thousand people were also killed in eastern Ukraine in the Donbas region, corruption is skyrocketing in Ukraine and some say it’s the most corrupt nation on earth competing with Nigeria and the USA (among other US allies: Israel, Turkey, Saudi…), and the Nazi-aligned groups are in control of the Ukrainian army, the Parliament, and most of the political life in Ukraine while oppressing almost 10 million people in Donbas in the east and Odesa in the southwest because of their Russian origins.

Russian President Putin was alarmed by the statement of Zelensky to join NATO and acquire nuclear arms, after all, Ukraine is on Russia’s direct borders and here we must remember the Cuban missiles crisis when the USA threatened a world war if the USSR does not remove its missiles from Cuba which is not bordering the USA directly as the case of Ukraine and Russia, it’s about 80 miles far from the US coast. A nuclear-armed NATO member Ukraine is an existential threat for Russia, especially since NATO’s stated ideology is considering Russia as an enemy, in addition to any country that does not accept to be under the US control.

The non-defeat of Nasim and its latest rise leading to the current Russian military operation in Ukraine is detailed in this report by the American political analyst Miri Wood, I have to warn you, some of the evidence brought in this report are disturbing if you are a NATO or EU member state citizen and a fan of this ‘defense alliance’ that wreaked havoc across the globe: Ukraine: NATO Junta to Don Swastikas in Support of Nazimaidans?

Your objective comments are always welcome.
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