Israel Bombs Syria 3 Times in One Week, Relieving the Pressure Off Ukraine?

It’s no secret that the European and Russian antisemitic radical Zionist settlers in occupied Palestine (aka Israel) are the most anxious groups of people on the planet after their tools, NATO led by the USA, the Gulfies, and Al Qaeda and its offshoot ISIS terrorists, all have failed in Syria, payback time is approaching and the USA doesn’t have any more money or power to shore up Israel against the growing axis of resistance, the USA needs to withdraw from West Asia and Israel see in that an existential threat, when the US soldiers leave, who will fight Israel’s wars?

In the above context, we understand the desire of Israel to start a regional war that would first engulf the region and destroy what is not yet destroyed, in their opinion, which would lead to further weakening its enemies, and second to use the US cannon fodder troops before they leave in its wars so it can continue its war crimes against the real Semite people, the people of the Levant.

Israel wants as well to continue its role assigned to it by the fading Empire (Britain – the USA..) to be an advanced hub for targeting Russia, despite the Russian help to Israel throughout its history. Russia is busy in Ukraine, dragging Russia to face off NATO (Turkey – the USA – Britain) in Syria would relieve the pressure off Ukraine, the Israelis think.

To achieve the above, Israel has intensified its bombing against Syria, taking advantage of the Syrian army’s engagement in combating terrorist groups of ISIS and other Al Qaeda suicide bombers, especially in the northwest and southeast of Syria, and the separatist Kurdish SDF terrorists in the northeast of Syria.

The latest bombing was the 3rd in the past week, it was yesterday night and this time it targeted a Syrian army outpost near Damascus and killed 3 Syrian soldiers.

The following report talks about this latest Israeli war crime: Israel Murders 3 Syrian Soldiers as House Democrats Cheer ‘Self-Defense’.

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