Israel Bombs Latakia Port again as US Troops Prepare to Withdraw from the Region

Four days before the deadline for the US troops to withdraw from Iraq and subsequently, from Syria ‘or else’ as promised by the Iraqi resistance factions, Israel dangerously escalated the situation and targets Syria’s main seaport in Latakia for the 2nd time within this month, the 4th time it bombs a Syrian main port within the past 2 months.

This latest bombing came at 3:20 am local time, Israel fired a barrage of missiles from the Mediterranean toward the commercial seaport targeting mainly the containers yard and destroying a large number of the containers.

A cheap but dangerous attack comes 2 weeks after the previous one targeting the same container’s yard in the same port, and a month after a double bombing that targeted the city of Tartous and the western Homs countryside in the central region of Syria.

The whole world knows that Israel cannot carry out any aggression without the green light of its protectors and sponsors, mainly NATO and the Gulfies, and in specific a green light from the USA which seems to be in a moment of the decision whether to continue its withdrawal of forces from Syria and Iraq or sacrifice them in yet a new war for Israel.

The Syrian leadership is not giving its cards easily, on the one hand, Syria has nothing to lose, the banks of targets that NATO wanted to be destroyed was destroyed by the hundreds of thousands of terrorists shipped to Syria for the past 11 years and by the blockade imposed on the country by some of the world’s superpowers and super-rich countries, all of Syria’s adversaries have a lot to lose and Syria has stockpiled enough missiles to make sure they suffer the same what it suffered in any new confrontation if not much more if its allies in Hezb Allah and the Iranian IRGC joins the missiles firing retaliation spree.

Will the strategic patience be weighed in now and allow the USA to withdraw its troops, will Syria retaliate whatever the consequences would be, will the Pentagon officials sacrifice their soldiers in the entire region, there are thousands of them deployed as sitting ducks across the region, or are there still a few wise decision-makers in the US regime that will not sacrifice more soldiers for Israel? The coming few days will tell.

More of this latest Israeli war crime in this report: Israel Bombs Latakia Port for the Second Time This Month – WAR CRIME.

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