Al Qaeda Terrorists who Blew up the Bus in Damascus Captured – Confessions

A group of terrorists of the Al Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front aka HTS who carried out a number of deadly attacks in the Syrian capital Damascus including the blowing up of a bus killing 14 passengers was arrested, the details of their crimes aired on Syrian TV.

I’ve translated their confessions into English and added them as subtitles to the video:

In the details, two months ago, the people of Damascus in particular, and all Syrians were woken up to a new terrorist attack, this time it was in the heart of the Syrian capital and it was a deadly attack. The terrorists targeted a bus carrying civilian engineers and military personnel contracted by the Military Housing Establishment on their way to work in the early morning, 14 of the passengers were killed and 3 others were maimed.

This was the main attack by the terrorists who were unhappy that the Syrians in the capital Damascus have started returning to life. Other terrorist attacks prior to this one in the past two years were targeting individuals including the mufti of Damascus and its countryside provinces, the mufti is a top cleric who gives his opinion on religious matters.

The terrorists also used a prostitute to lure men on social media in order to blackmail them and to blackmail women with their pictures hacked by advanced software installed on their mobile phones through a WhatsApp message.

More in this report: Dangerous NATO/ Al Qaeda Terrorist Group Captured by Syrian Security.

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