Biden, the Colorful Syrian Oil Thief after the Orange One

Biden, like Trump, like their predecessor, same thieves different colors, that is if we want to give them more than their value, they’re merely clowns working for the real big thieves in the USA and Britain, the Banksters, they’re only CEOs performing the agenda of the board, which in part is to steal Syrian oil which they excel at.

The latest theft spotted was a large convoy of 83 trucks, most of which were tankers carrying stolen Syrian oil heading toward neighboring Iraq through the illegal Yarubiya border crossing.

The convoy was guarded by Biden forces and their proxies, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

This continuous theft of Syrian oil is not because the US needs this oil, nor Israel, which it’s shipped to through Turkey, it’s just to add further suffering to the Syrian people, especially with extensive rationalizing of electricity limiting it to a couple of hours a day in a country that was exporting electricity to neighboring countries, and when the Syrians face massive shortages of fuel for their cars, bakeries, and factories, and of course to heat their homes in this winter.

This ongoing war crime and theft carried out by US soldiers who if they die their families are given the ‘Purple Heart’ and a ‘thank you for your services’ note, this is the service they’re doing which makes those soldiers criminals and not ‘heroes’ defending their families.

More in this report, if you’re a USAian or from a NATO member state do read the last paragraph in this post: Biden Forces Smuggle Out 83 Tankers Loaded with Stolen Syrian Oil.

Your objective comments are always welcome.
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