NATO Terrorism against Civilians Increase in Northern Syria

NATO troops and proxy terrorists are increasing their war crimes against the Syrian people in the regions they’re illegally deployed in the north of the country, the Turkish artillery is shelling villages and the Kurdish SDF terrorists are kidnapping civilians.

The latest earlier today included the shelling of 3 villages in the vicinity of Ain Issa with artillery by the forces of the Turkish army and their anti-Islamic Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists, in the northern countryside of the Raqqa province, north of Syria.

The Kurds, meanwhile, were raiding a number of villages in the southern Hasakah countryside along with troops of the US army oil thieves, the Kurds kidnapped several civilians from these villages taking them to unknown locations.

US troops illegally deployed in Syria to steal Syrian oil and wheat and to try to divide the country in order to protect Israel are in a race with time as they need to withdraw from Iraq by year-end or suffer being showered with ‘roses’ by the Iraqi resistance, the roses that the US most advanced air defense units failed to stop.

Details of these latest escalations in this report: Turkish Terrorists Bomb Villages, Kurdish SDF Terrorists Abduct Civilians.

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