Israel Bombs Syria for the 3rd Time in a Month to Drag the US Troops into a Regional War

Yesterday evening 3 Israeli, US-made and gifted for free to Israel, fighter jets flew low near the Lebanese capital Beirut and fired their missiles from over Lebanon and its coastal line toward the Syrian central city of Homs and the Syrian coastal city of Tartous, the Syrian air defense units managed to shoot down most of the incoming missiles, the raid resulted in material damage.

Let’s keep aside the breach of international law in targeting Syrian military sites while the Syrian army is still heavily engaged in fighting the US-sponsored ISIS, Al Qaeda and their affiliated terrorist groups, Israel never respected international law anyway, its entire existence is based on violating the international law, let’s also keep aside using the Lebanese air space and coast to attack another country which gives the Lebanese resistance (Hezb Allah and its axis in Lebanon) the right to retaliate against Israel, and let’s not talk about the weird coordinating with the Russian base in Tartous near where Israel targeted, let’s talk about the US troops in Syria this time.

A day before this latest Israeli aggression against Syrian military sites, the 3rd in less than a month, we reported the largest US troops withdrawal from northeast of Syria, near the oil wells, toward Iraq, if Biden continues his troops’ withdrawal from Syria, there won’t be canon fodders and human shields to fight on behalf of Israel, long-range ballistic missiles firing against other countries will not help in future confrontations, the Syrians shot down more than 70% of the incoming NATO collective ‘smart, new, and smart’ missiles, and that was more than 3 years ago when the Russians themselves didn’t expect the Syrian air defenses to shoot down more than 20% of them.

If Biden concludes his troops’ withdrawal from Iraq and consecutively from Syria, this would leave Israel more exposed to existential threats as it highly depends on the US and other NATO and Gulfies to fight its wars on its behalf while it steals more land and builds more settlements to import more European and Central Asian radical settlers.

For the above, we see the hysterical attempts by Israel to ignite a regional war before the US troops leave the region, so far, the Israelis are avoiding targeting strategic Syrian targets, and the Syrians are considering that eliminating ISIS, and other terrorist groups including ending the Kurdish and Turkish insurrections in the north would be more painful for Israel than giving it the war it desperately needs.

More in this report including a video of the SAA air defense shooting down Israeli missiles as seen from northern Lebanon: Terrified from the US Withdrawal, Israel Bombs Syria trying to Start a War.

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