Kurdish SDF Terrorists Kidnap Syrian Journalist in Hasakah

Kurdish terrorists of the US-sponsored SDF armed groups kidnapped a Syrian journalist from his house in the city of Shaddadi in the southern Hasakah countryside, northeast of Syria.

Mohamad al-Saghere, a career accredited journalist and war correspondent reporter was abducted from his house by a group of the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, his whereabouts are still unknown to the time of the report yesterday night.

Not only these foreign elements hailing from the Qandil mountains in northeastern Iraq who came as refugees to Syria early last century are now Israelizing the lands they occupy, helping the US forces steal Syrian oil and wheat, destroying Syrian infrastructure, and kidnapping young and elder men to fight their wars, they are committing their crimes with complete impunity from any prosecution getting their protection from the USA whose troops themselves are committing war crimes on daily bases in Syria.

More about this story in this report: US-Sponsored SDF Terrorists Kidnap Syrian Journalist during Daily Raids.

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