Al Qaeda’s White Helmets Preparing for a New Chemical Attack False Flag

The White Helmets, the propaganda actors and PR firm closely connected to Al Qaeda in Syria is preparing for a new chemical attack false flag operation in the Syrian province of Idlib.

Russian and Syrian intelligence gathered information about a plot to film a scene showing the aftermath of an alleged chemical attack in a town in the Idlib countryside to be circulated as an actual attack carried out by the Syrian army against the people.

In all previous allegations of a chemical attack, the White Helmets were at the site of the alleged attack with the alleged victims, every one of the staged attacks lacked proper evidence with proper chain of custody but were accepted by the NATO-controlled OPCW watchdog, except when there was a real chemical attack carried out by Al Qaeda terrorists against the Syrian army and killed 19 soldiers in Khan Al Asal in Aleppo governorate, the OPCW couldn’t inspect the site nor assist in identifying the culprits despite the continuous official requests by the Syrian state, for the past 8 years!!

We continue to expose these preparations for false flag attacks to foil such attacks as they would lose their propaganda importance, and this succeeded numerous times in stopping these criminals from their acts whether staged or true.

More in this report: White Helmets Prepare another Chemical Attack False Flag in Idlib.

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