Turkish Citizens Collecting Leftover Food During Erdogan Speech on Economic Growth!

During a speech delivered by the Turkish madman Erdogan in Adana in which he was bragging of his country’s economic development under his dictatorship, the Turkish citizens were busy collecting food leftover by his bodyguards.

Erdogan’s popularity is unquestionable and can be seen in his public speeches where hundreds of Turkish common people gather to attend the Sultan wannabe speeches because either they love him or they just need to have a day of enough food for their families they can collect from the leftovers thrown away by Erdogan’s massive number of well-beefed bodyguards.

The above picture taken by a Turkish journalist was published on the rare Turkish opposition media shows Turkish citizens collecting the leftover food during Erdogan’s speech in which, ironically, he was ‘telling tales of the economic growth his 2 decades of dictatorship achieved’ in the country.

Every country is subject to hardship especially those countries that are attacked from outside, what I personally fail to understand is when the country facing the hardship is the same country that can allocate enough resources to invade other countries, and that requires enormous spending. This is exactly the case in NATO countries, instead of spending their taxpayers’ hard-earned monies on the development of their countries, they spend it on wars and destruction of other countries and on their rulers’ and their juntas’ top brass affairs.

NATO countries are more like the unpopular regimes they spin up in countries they colonize and call it ‘underdeveloped’ countries to which they force-export their excesses of democracies, freedoms, and lifestyle.

Source of the above picture: Turkish Zaman Newspaper.

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