Biden Using US Taxpayers’ Money to Continue Funding ISIS and other Terrorists in Syria

The regime of Joe Biden continues the policies of his predecessor Trump who was continuing the policies of his predecessor Obama in Syria in sponsoring terrorist groups in the Levant to kill, maim, destroy, displace, and loot the Syrian people, such groups as ISIS, Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant, and the Kurdish SDF separatists, the illegal military operations on the ground are exactly the opposite of the Pentagon’s narrative.

If one thing the USAians should have learned over the past 7 or 8 decades is never to trust their mainstream media who sold them war after war and intervention in a foreign country after the other where none of those countries have ever threatened the home country of the USAians and where the US citizens have never benefitted from those wars, only a few of the haves a lot had more, while the majority of the US taxpayers’ role was to foot the bills and chant USA, USA, USA…

The episode in Syria is not different, the US has exhausted every effort to destabilize, even topple the Syrian governments over the course of 4 decades to replace them with puppet regimes working for the real owners of the USA, the non-taxpaying beneficiaries from the tax investments. The US bombed Syria directly, occupied parts of Syria, besieged Syria, displaced millions of Syrians, looted Syria’s oil, wheat, even barley, and sponsored and used every terrorist group they could create and every terrorist they could hire, all to no avail to the extent the US former president said Syria is the land of sand and blood, yet refused to leave the sand and blood country.

The latest in the US war crimes against the Syrian people is the illegal deliveries of state of the art weapons, equipment, communication devices, vehicles, and other goodies into Syria from Iraq, as if the Pentagon learned nothing from the lesson in Afghanistan.

More in this report by the notable US investigative journalist and political analyst Miri Wood: Biden Regime: New War Crimes against Syria.

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