The Nazis Didn’t Lose WWII, Humanity Did, the Nazis are Since Called ‘NATO’

World War II cost the Europeans almost 100 million lives, some other millions of innocent people on other continents where the Europeans took their battles to. The end result was the leaders of the victors, the Allies, deciding to build a unified front to help the world never see the rise of Nazism or anything similar to it again, to prevent new wars, solve ongoing conflicts by implementing International Law, and by helping underdeveloped countries especially those which suffered from colonialism meet their people’s basic needs; the western states of the ‘Allies’ had totally different agendas on their mind.

Coming out as victors of the worst war yet, the Western ‘Allies’ led by the British saw an opportunity to start recolonizing the rest of the world, while the Eastern ‘Allies’ saw an opportunity to spread their own lifestyle to the rest of the world, both sides by used all means, the Western ‘Allies’ took a much more militaristic approach, they’re driven by the industry that produces more profit to the capitalists whatever the consequences and cost of human lives were, they were also driven by the same ideology of ‘exceptionalism’ and ‘supremacism the Nazis had, they even protected Zionism instead of ending it being an ideology worse than Nazism by far.

The USA went further steps by stealing German scientists, something it repeated when the USSR collapsed, and after invading Iraq, and assassinated those who resisted joining or didn’t share the neo-Nazism ideology like how they assassinated hundreds of Iranian and Syrian scientists in all fields.

The Western ‘Allies’ emboldened by the victory over Germany, started intervening in countries around the world, invading, destabilizing, toppling governments, and enslaving by indebting others, they continue through this very day. Here, humanity should thank the Syrian people for stopping this trend and literally reversing the track. NATO members taking the United Nations Security Council hostage to their will are not accepting the new world, they can’t steal more resources from countries they cannot subdue, they’re not forgiving Syria and the Syrian people and therefore they have for the past 10.5 years tried all sorts of warfare however heinous it is against Syria and its people, their terrorist proxies on the ground lost but they didn’t lose hope in destroying Syria and taking over its capital and restarting their agenda once again. The Nazi ideology within them continues to push them.

Miri Wood, a political analyst shreds NATO member states in her article on the latest (104th, 105th, or more) UNSC meeting on Syria’s chemical attacks hoax: UNSC Nazi Junta Holds Most Phony Chemical Fetish Meeting to Date.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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