Jordan Helped to Strangle Syria got Strangled Instead

It’s the Syrian Curse, that’s how we Syrian activists call it, every country and party that helped to destroy Syria by supporting the US-led war of terror and war of aggression got their fingers burnt, some of them got their whole hands burned, and others are no more.

The Syrian Curse is not new, a century ago and in particular, in the year 1920, France invaded Syria, several years later, France itself got invaded by Germany, the French were later evicted from Syria.

One of the smallest but very harmful tools used against Syria was Jordan and its British half-Jewish king, his mother is half Jewish from her mother’s side, the guy went full length in the US plot to destroy Syria thinking, like all the others, that it’s a matter of a few days, maybe a couple of months at max and they’ll see many Al Qaeda-ruled emirates in Syria replacing the Syrian state, during the past 10.5 years they refused to realize there’s no way to take over Syria, yet they continued, and viciously so.

Not only Syria survived the US plot, the US-led war of terror, and the US-led war of attrition, though, at a hefty price in blood and suffering, it came out stronger, brought together an even stronger alliance, helped bring back Russia from a 3rd country to a world’s superpower, and helped absorb NATO’s full blow on behalf of Iran and China.

The plot started collapsing, the evil empire is dwindling, all of the countries that followed it faced hard economic blows, one of those that suffered the most was Jordan, Syria’ southern neighbor with long rough terrain desert borders.

The Jordanian king blocked Syria’s access by land in the south to external markets, the Turkish madman Erdogan did the same in the north, Iraq was never stable for Syria to have proper access through it to the world on its eastern borders, the only access was through the sea.

As a result of closing trade with Syria, the Jordanian economy collapsed, its patrons in the USA, Qatar, Britain, the EU, and the Saudis never delivered on their promises to help his country’s growing financial issues, his kingdom is thirsty with lack of fresh water as the Israelis dump their wastewater in the Jordan Valley as his reward from recognizing the anti-Jewish state, he can only look north to Syria for salvation.

The USA also needs to stop its arrogance and ease its criminal blockade against the Syrian people, this blockade hurt also its assets in Lebanon as it was hoping it will hurt Hezb Allah only, the latter not only survived the blow as well, its popularity grew among the regions of its foes in Lebanon after it managed to break the US siege and bring in Iranian fuel earlier this month.

The above video report by Al Mayadeen was done at both sides of the Syrian – Jordanian borders, it was reopened to save Jordan and the image of the USA, the details can be found in this report: Jordan Reopens Border Crossing with Syria at the US Instructions.

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