Two Erdogan Terrorists Caught in the Netherlands among the Refugees

Two terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan were caught in the Netherlands and were sentenced to prison, they were initially granted asylum as refugees.

The two are brothers and were commanders of the Nusra Front, the Levant branch of Al Qaeda aka HTS, which keeps changing its name based on suggestions from its British PR firms.

44 and 35 years old brothers were sentenced to 15 years and 9 months and 11 years and 9 months in prison, one of them was even carrying a forged passport courtesy of either Erdogan’s or Israel’s spy agencies.

The Dutch authorities were spying on the brothers for years after they were tipped off by a real Syrian refugee who recognized one of them attending a movie screening, it’s the same Dutch authorities that sponsored the terrorist organization of these individuals, which is Al Qaeda, but only to kill Syrians in Syria, seems the Dutch authorities do not like killings in their country!

More in this report: Dutch Court Sentences Two Syrian Refugee Brothers on Terrorism.

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