When a Comedian Helps Expose the BBC Lies

The BBC, the British public propaganda service to justify the wars carried out by the regime of Elizabeth the Second, have been lying about Syria for long, actually, since its inception, the BBC that is, bringing on opposition members of other countries to expose internal matters from time to time does not earn you credibility unless you are accepting to do so when you do so when a whistleblower in your country does the same against your regime’s narrative, the BBC fails miserably on that, at least in all the crimes its employer has committed around the world.

We’ve been exposing the BBC lies on Syria since the early days of the US-led war of terror and war of attrition started against the Syrian people in March 2011, some of you know it as the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ – Syria Crisis.

The lies of the BBC, which are in the same line as all the Pentagon’s propagandists in western mainstream media have reached levels of disgust that are beyond comprehending and it’s costing the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people in Syria on a daily basis where many westerners think they’re doing us Syrians good by helping the aggressors continue with their war crimes against us buying in the narratives of the likes of the:

  1. BBC,
  2. Washington Post,
  3. New York Times,
  4. this topped them all: CNN, et al.

Why the BBC now and what happened recently, well it’s a report by the BBC itself saying that ‘its reporting on the infamous gas attack in Douma in Syria, the chemical attack hoax, had some flaws in it’ which means it was a lie and mostly a fabrication to justify the bombing of the Syrian people by then the USA, the UK, and France, another war crime added to their extensive list.

The above video by comedian Jimmy Dore brings in investigative journalist Aaron Maté talking about the BBC’s confession to lying, or if you want: deviating from the truth, or ‘having flaws in their reporting’ with an added explanation by Aaron about the incident and the smear campaign he has endured to help us Syrians expose this hoax by the mainstream media propagandists.

In the USA, comedians have a good business mainly attacking the politicians from the other party of their employers in shows like The Daily Show by Comedy Central, The Late Show, Late Night… etc. Some of them do good reporting on the opposite political parties of their employers, and rarely one of them would do balanced truthful reporting when it’s really needed.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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