ISIS Claims Responsibility for the Attack on the Electricity Power Gas Pipeline in Damascus

ISIS, the US-sponsored terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack that targeted the main gas pipeline near Damascus and caused a blackout all over Syria for a full day the night before yesterday.

In a statement, the terrorist organization considered its attack as part of its ‘economic warfare’ against the Syrian state, exactly what the US is officially declaring and pursuing in Syria.

Maintenance teams were dispatched momentarily and started repairing the pipeline, it is already completed and gas flow resumed but millions of Syrians were affected, hospitals, bakeries, and businesses were harmed, they’re already getting electric power 8 hours a day maximum, 2 hours connected and 4 hours disconnected, due to the Biden regime forces occupying Syria’s main gas and oil fields in northeast of the country.

I’ve written that this is the work of ISIS when reporting this attack and said this can only be done by remnants of this terrorist group who are sheltered and protected by the US army illegally occupying the Syrian At-Tanf area.

More in this report including a map showing the US kill zone protecting ISIS terrorists and the site of the terrorist attack on the gas pipeline near the Deir Ali power station and some links confirming the presence of ISIS under the protection of the US army: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Blowing Up the Gas Pipeline near Damascus.

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