My Answer Censored: Turks are Wondering How to Forcibly Get Rid of the Syrian Refugees?

The answers to a question on how to send the Syrian refugees back to their country by some of the Turks are worrying, it ranges between authorizing the military to round them up and push them toward the borders, to lynching, looting Syrian properties in Turkey, and so on, such answers only reflect the side of the nature of most of the Turks with the Ottoman thirst for blood and especially those who follow the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood cult the Turkish madman Erdogan follows.

Naturally, most of such violent answers were deleted by Quora, the wiki Q & A social platform where the question was asked, the question itself posted by a Turk read: How can we send Syrian refugees in Turkey, back to Syria?

I was notified by the platform since the question relates to the Syrian crisis and I left a reply there that got deleted itself by the Quora moderators because it simply points the fingers to the real culprit, read my answer which I copied before it got deleted and you judge yourself, it’s not the first time Quora censors my replies, they do so to most of my replies that criticize Israel’s war crimes and others of NATO:

How can we send Syrian refugees in Turkey back to Syria? Start by fixing the root of the problem, Erdogan.

In 2008, the Turkish madman Erdogan stated that he was tasked by George W. Bush a leading role in the ‘Greater Middle East’ project pushed for by the USA, in essence, whenever you hear the term the Middle East referring to the Arab World be certain they mean to include Israel or it’s about Israel, so the George W. Bush project: ‘Greater Middle East’ is literally ‘Greater Israel Project.’

Erdogan trojan horse in Syria

To achieve that, Erdogan had to help spring up, literally, the US and British best-organized proxies in the region with a tendency to commit any crime to achieve their anti-Islamic religious goal, the Muslim Brotherhood is anti-Islamic? You bet they are, first of all, in Islam, there are no such thing as political parties, especially religious political parties, you have an ideology to pursue, you do that but do not attach the religion to it, you want to segregate people based on your understanding of Islam, you’re instantly out of Islam as per the definition put by Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

That in mind, Erdogan identified his proxies and his enemies, those from his own party, his friends who helped him wield all the power in formerly secular Turkey under his wing, including his own mentors, became his sworn enemies as they would not accept his extreme ideologies, one needs to understand that from the Muslim Brotherhood, invented initially by the British over a century ago, from this cult we have Al Qaeda and its affiliates including ISIS, the leader of Al Qaeda now Zawahiri is a ranking member in Erdogan’s Muslim Brotherhood cult.

The main enemies for Erdogan’s cult and agenda he was tasked to fulfill are secular countries and countries with national armies whose ideology is to defend their countries from foreign interference and to liberate the lands occupied by Israel, interestingly, Israel needs divided, religious, sectarian, and ethnic-based entities to live among especially after stating it’s an apartheid regime only for the Jews, don’t act like you never heard the term: the ‘Jewish state of Israel’ or heard it and didn’t understand it.

Who is better to achieve the destruction and dismantling of the secular Arab countries other than the radical countries? Enters Qatar, Saudis, and Erdoganstan, the new name for Turkey.

Erdogan was promised, in exchange, a new Ottoman sultanate, you can’t miss that in each of his statements, interviews, and those of his officials.

The Muslim Brotherhood took over in Egypt, easily in Tunisia, relatively easily in Morocco, the west of Libya, Sudan, and were threatening to take over Algeria and their main obstacle is Syria, if they take Syria they take the whole world from Xingjian in western China to Morocco in the northwest of Africa, through all of central Asia and the Arab World, Iran for them is another rock they’ll have to break and they thought by taking Syria they can strangle Iran economically bypassing its gas exports by extending a gas pipeline from Qatar to export to Europe. They failed to take Syria by violent protests, assassinations, massacres, and all sorts of terror which led to the exodus of large numbers of Syrians from their homes, they were uprooted, literally, and the only corridor opened to them was heading north, the terrorists would attack the village, town or district in a city and leave one corridor open for the civilians to flee through, it all led to Turkey in the north and to Jordan in the south.

Erdogan, and his bosses, thought they’ll finish off Syria within few days, a couple of months by maximum, it’s been 10.5 years since then.

Turkey, sorry, Erdoganstan introduced tens of thousands of terrorists imported from all sides of the planet and smuggled into Syria after training, arming, and funding in Turkey, similarly in the south in Jordan, NATO’s Britain and the USA pushed their ‘Sahwat’ to create ISIS, at one time the total number of such terrorists in Syria alone was 350,000 suicide bombers, that’s more than double the number of active Syrian Army personnel, the Syrian Army managed to kill up to 120,000 of them by 2015, at a hefty cost on the Syrian army itself, National Defense forces were formed and people who understood the larger plot came to help, mainly from the Lebanese Hezb Allah party, the Muslim Brotherhood leaders made a mistake at the beginning by vowing to uproot the party in Lebanon once they take over Syria, that serves only Israel.

Russia entered the war in Syria on the side of the Syrian army when the USA and Britain got directly involved, they were commanding the terrorists on the ground and in neighboring countries, MOC in Amman, Jordan, a Special Op room in Baghdad, Iraq, and of course, Turkey.

The Russian intervention was essential to counter the US aerial bombing and to bomb the large concentrations of Al Qaeda and ISIS, especially when the ‘living pipelines of hundreds of oil tankers’ were transporting stolen Syrian oil into Turkey through the official borders under the control of the Turkish regime.

Russia also entered the war after thousands of terrorists were brought into Syria from the Caucasian countries, by February 2014, there were 14,000 terrorists from Chechnya alone, the SAA had killed near 3700 of them, arrested more than 5000 others.

So, you want to solve the Syrian refugees’ issue in Turkey? Stop making them, to stop making them, get rid of Erdogan or stop his crazy Sultanate dream. More than 4 million Syrians have already returned to their homes in Aleppo, Homs, and most recently Daraa Balad where 50,000 of them returned just last week.

Erdogan is losing ground in all the countries he and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood parties infested, give him, the proper push and you’ll see thousands of those Syrian refugees return to their homes within days, and the rest once a secular government reaches power in Turkey and stop sponsoring Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria.

If you think that I crossed any ‘community guideline’ in my above well-evidence answer do let me know in the comments here.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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