NATO at the UNSC are Not Understanding why their Iraq’s WMDs Hoax is Not Working against Syria!

The ambassadors of the NATO member states at the United Nations Security Council are becoming more hysterical at the Council for their inability to apply the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction hoax against Syria, they have followed every step in the manual they used against Iraq and yet failing to obtain any UNSC resolution with any single word in it that they can interpret as an open card to invade Syria.

For obtaining the resolution against Iraq, it took them only to bring the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the UN at the time, well-trained by a PR firm, who lied claiming she was a nurse at a Kuwaiti hospital and saw the Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of the incubators, to establish the blockade against Iraq and later it took one show by the US’s most disgraced Black American army general later Secretary of State Collin Powell to obtain the resolution they also misinterpreted to invade, destroy, and loot the country, which was never in the text of the UNSC resolution.

For Libya, they took a no-fly zone resolution only and misinterpreted it into an open card invitation to invade, destroy the country, loot it until this very day, kill its leader and show his dead body in a fridge in a fish market for several days, they didn’t even need to lie beyond claiming the Libyan leader ordered the Libyan Army to kill their families for him, and the rest of the UNSC members believed that.

In Syria, the above was not enough, they added unprecedented acts like inviting unauthorized individuals who oppose the Syrian president to give their testimonies at the Council without providing any evidence, they used unverified pictures of unverified deaths at unverified places they’ve obtained by unverified sources, they called ‘open sources’ and ‘unnamed activists’, used evidence of attacks that never happened obtained without sending teams to the ground and instead, received it from no other than Al Qaeda ‘activists’ because it was ‘too dangerous for their teams to go to the sites of the alleged attacks,’ the same sites that were under the control of the ‘activists’ they are trying to establish a no-fly zone (Libya-style) to protect!

That was not enough, they actually convinced the Russian president who promised the Syrian leadership to handover the Syrian chemical weapons used in Syria to deter potential Israeli nuclear attacks in order to destroy it by the OPCW in exchange to not use the hoax of using chemical weapons again and offering Russian protection from Israeli unprovoked attacks while the Syrian army is battling Al Qaeda and ISIS tens of thousands of terrorists on more than 40 open fronts all over the country around the clock, none happened after Syria gave up its chemical weapons arsenal which was ironically destroyed by NATO member states!

Miri Wood, investigative analyst, and political observer walks us through the latest UNSC meeting, the number 102 of such (plus-minus, actually nobody keeping record after it passed 95 worthless meetings), and the attempts of the NATO at the UNSC to continue trying to use the Iraqi WMDs hoax on Syria, the same NATO countries who happened to have actually used all sorts of weapons of mass destruction against innocent civilians around the world, and the results of the UNSC meeting in this masterpiece: UNSC Goebbels Gang Holds Monthly Syria Chemical Hoax Fetish Meeting.

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