Erdogan Kills 3 Turkish Soldiers to Protect Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib Northwest of Syria

The Turkish madman Erdogan added 3 more Turkish soldiers to the list of the cannon fodders he sent to Syria to protect his Al Qaeda terrorists in northern Syria.

The latest 3 were killed by a roadside bomb explosion in the province of Idlib on the Idlib – Binnish road near the town of Foua, three other soldiers were injured in the blast that targeted a military column of the Turkish soldiers, local sources confirmed.

Erdogan’s propaganda outlets first hesitated to report about the incident and then reported that only 2 of its soldiers were killed in the attack, a usual practice by the Turkish war ministry under Erdogan to belittle their casualties in the military adventures of the Turkish madman to establish his neo-Ottoman sultanate.

Dozens of Turkish soldiers and officers have already been killed in Syria, the Turkish madman sends the conscript soldiers of the common Turkish people to literally act as a buffer between his beloved Al Qaeda terrorists who follow his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood cult and the Syrian Army and Syrian resistance groups.

More in this report: Three Turkish Army Soldiers Killed by a Roadside Bomb Explosion in Idlib.

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