NATO-sponsored ‘Freedom Fighters’ in Daraa Killed 2 Children by a Mortar

Instead of implementing the ceasefire they committed themselves to, the NATO-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ aka ISIS holed in the southern district of Daraa Balad killed 2 children today and injured their 3 other siblings and their mother by firing a round of mortars into a town in the northern Daraa countryside.

NATO member states tried to exert extreme pressure on Syria, Russia, and even China at the latest anti-Syria meeting at the United Nations Security Council to stop the Syrian military campaign against their ‘freedom fighters’ in Daraa Balad, those same terrorists pledged allegiance to ISIS when they were occupying the region north to the Syrian occupied Golan and they went to the extent they kidnapped UN troops deployed there, but that’s fine for the NATO member states who invested heavily in these terrorists.

The ISIS terrorists fired a round of mortars into the town of Qarfa, that’s far in the northern Daraa countryside, a totally irrelevant town to their quest to ‘democratize’ the southern district of Daraa Balad.

53 of the terrorists were already evicted from Daraa Balad within the framework of the same ceasefire, the first batch of them already made their way to Europe, even Erdogan didn’t let them stay in his country!

More in this report: Daraa Terrorists Kill 2 Children Injure 3 Others from the Same Family.

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