While MSM Focused on Afghanistan, NATO Terrorists Escalate their Attacks in Syria

Not sure whether the ‘most inclusive and diverse’ junta of Joseph Biden is trying to compensate for its humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of occupation and despite a prior agreement with the Taliban by increasing the level of terrorism against Syria, the jeweled prize in the US regime change wars around the world?

The western mainstream media (MSM) are laser-focused on Afghanistan and the Taliban swift take-over of the country within 3 days which all of NATO and stooges couldn’t achieve in 20 years and ironically without firing a single bullet in contrast to using all sorts of weapons including the mother of all bombs first ever, paying a few thousand dollars compared to few trillions of dollars spent by NATO and stooges, and the weird PR campaign and molding of the Taliban to look like a ‘Moderate Rebel’ group that could be relied on to modernize Afghanistan which NATO and stooges did the opposite in the past 2 decades.

But why is that? Isn’t there any other news to cover? In regards to wars and military interventions and bombing, terrorist attacks, and human rights violations? Of course there is, but that news is to be suppressed by the Pentagon propagandists because the war crimes are committed by NATO’s own troops, allies, and proxies, start with Yemen, Palestine, Mali, Nigeria, and not end with Syria.

In Syria, taking advantage of the absence of the news coverage, Israel and the NATO-sponsored terrorists of Al Qaeda, the Kurdish SDF separatists, HTS, Nusra Front (aka Al Qaeda Levant), the rest of the Turkish-sponsored anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood groups escalated their bombing, attacks, and war crimes against the Syrian people.

Here are a few of those war crimes the Pentagon doesn’t want you to know about in this short post (GRAPHIC CONTENTS included): Terrorist Attacks on the Rise against Syria; UN Remains Silent.

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