NATO Proxies Fratricide in Northern Syria: Turks Killing Kurds

Two of the NATO main proxies continue their infighting in northern Syria, the latest is a Turkish drone bombing a Kurdish vehicle in the Hasaskah northern countryside yesterday.

There’s no news about the fate of the Kurdish SDF terrorists in the vehicle, it was bombed not far from a US military base that runs a spa center for ISIS commanders in a small village to the west of the Syrian Qamishli city.

Kurdish propaganda outlets didn’t elaborate on the attack although confirming that the Turkish drones continued lurking over the bombed vehicle waiting for rescuers to bomb them as well, just the Turks being Turks, the only unfortunate part of this ongoing fratricide between NATO proxies in Syria is the Syrians paying the price of their lives.

More in this report: NATO Turkish Army Drone Bombs NATO Kurdish SDF Vehicle in Hasakah.

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