The USA, Afghanistan, NATO, and the Taliban – Lies and More!

Let’s not start with why the USA invaded Afghanistan in the first place, we all know it wasn’t to fight terrorism, the USA created all these terrorist groups starting with the Mujahideen and not ending with ISIS, we were told that Obama killed Osama but that wasn’t in Afghanistan, he said he killed him in Pakistan and buried him at sea as per whatever rituals they both follow, was it to spread democracy and freedoms? Surely not, the puppet Afghani regimes installed by the USA are globally renowned to be the most corrupt, there are few reasons though for the US invasion of Afghanistan like plundering its wealth, planing opium to finance its black ops, blocking China’s connections westwards, threatening Russia from its Caucasian underbelly or what the US ‘strategists’ call it: Russia’s Green Belt, referring to the Russian federal Islamic republics as green, and selling weapons, naturally, some mouths need to be fed in the USA, only some.

Let’s start with what has the USA and its NATO allies and proxies achieved after all these years? All these people slaughtered, maimed, suffered, all this money wasted, all these instabilities started, all these radical terrorist breeding farms established, and whole generations lost?

We know that the Taliban did not fight their way through into the rest of Afghanistan which wasn’t under their control, we do know that the USA and the Taliban held talks in Doha, Qatar and they announced that they have reached ‘agreements’, they won’t let you know what are those agreements until after 30 years, or even 60 years like the case of the invasion of Iraq.

This self-explanatory collection of video clips in an attempt to try to wake those Sheeple who insist on putting their trust in NATO leaders, especially the leaders of the USA.

Keep in mind that the Taliban, as when it was established since we don’t know their current policies, Al Qaeda, Nusra Front or Jabhat Nusra, Boko Haram, Abu Sayyaf, ISIS, the FSA, and all these terrorist groups had the CIA fingers all over them and inside them and up from their bottoms to their heads, literally, try to convince me otherwise.

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