NATO Propagandists Had a Short Excitement Yesterday for a Ship that Caught Fire at a Syrian Port

NATO propagandists were joyful yesterday doing what they know best in fabricating news to suit the warmongering agenda of their war ministries and the evil people running their countries when reports of fire erupted on a ship docking at the Syrian port of Latakia.

First of all, the ship was a Syrian merchant ship that docked at the port for scheduled maintenance, it was empty and it caught fire while the crew was working on its needed repairs, a normal thing that happens all the time around the world.

NATO propagandists, however, saw in it an opportunity at very high tense times to spread panic, instigate military actions and reactions as they started reporting that an Israeli raid on an Iranian oil ship caused the fire, there was no Israeli raid, the ship is not Iranian, and it’s a normal cargo ship and not an oil tanker!

Iranian media quickly confirmed the same from their official sources and the NATO propagandists plot was exposed, but that doesn’t cause any damage to the already debunked liars, their devoted audiences would believe them even if they report sighting flying elephants on the over the River Thames in London.

More in this report: Merchant Ship Caught Fire at Latakia Port Triggers NATO Propagandists.

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