NATO Army Kills an Entire Family at Dawn in a Northern Syrian Village

At 3 am this morning a tank shell fell on a house in a small village in northern Syria killing 3 children and their father and severely injuring the mother.

It was not only one shell, the Turkish army nearby was indiscriminately shelling the village for no reason except they can and they believe that they will not be held accountable and nobody will be tried by a court of law no thanks to the absolute protection this NATO pariah army enjoys from its other NATO countries.

Zaidan Khalaf Al Issa, 52 years old, and his 3 children did not wake up today, his wife and the mother of these little victims remain in critical from her severe physical wounds, imagine her mental state once she’s told the fate of her children and husband.

Have you read this story reported by your usual media source? I guess not, it doesn’t help NATO’s objectives, especially NATO’s leading junta of the White House, now you know why the rest of the world hates western countries? It’s not because of the freedoms in the west, did you know that civilized people in the countries NATO is destroying actually despise the freedoms in the west and consider it as dismantling the family values? They’ll fight the evil forces trying to impose this lifestyle upon them just for that, then add these crimes committed on daily basis against them in the name of those freedoms.

More in this report: Turkish Army Kills a Family of 4 in Raqqa Countryside in Northern Syria.

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