Syria to France: Statements by Sponsors of Terrorism are Only Worth the Trash Bin

Syria has strongly condemned the latest statement issued by the former colonial power France in support of Al Qaeda terrorists in the southern Syrian region, the Syrian statement exposed the French regime’s hypocrisy and criminality.

In essence, the Syrians told the frogs: Your statements are worth being thrown in the trash bin, that’s all.

Syria does not care that France considers itself a superpower, the grandparents of the current Syrians are the ones who expelled the grandparents of the current French from Syria and helped all other independence revolutions around the world expel their occupiers.

“As a continuation for the French colonial hatred heritage, the French regime is still offering the financial support to terrorists, separatists, and armed groups in Syria in contrary to Security Council resolutions that call for preserving the territorial integrity of Syria and the sanctity of its independence and sovereignty.”
The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

Yesterday alone saw hundreds of thousands of French people protesting the measures taken by the regime of Emanuel Macron in a number of cities across France, and the French regime is concerned about the safety and well-being of Al Qaeda terrorists in southern Syria!

More scathing details in this report: Syria Slams Macron Regime: Statements by Sponsors of Terrorism are Worthy the Trash Bin.

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