While Biden Forces Continue to Occupy the Oil Fields, Syria Turns to Solar Power

The work on a new 100-megawatt solar power project was launched in Damascus countryside amid the severe shortage of electricity Syria is facing due to the inability of running the country’s thermal power plants while mercenary forces of the US army loyal to the Joseph Biden regime continue their occupation of Syria’s main oil fields in the northeast of the country.

Syria was not only self-sufficient in electricity prior to the US-led war of terror and war of attrition waged on it early 2011, but it was also exporting electricity to neighboring countries like Lebanon, most of Syria’s electricity comes from the hydroelectrical dam on the Euphrates which in turn is in its lowest operating capacity due to the Turkish blocking of water flowing into the river, a war crime I’ve reported in a number of earlier posts.

The rest of the electricity Syria was producing came from a number of thermal power plants that use gas and fuel which comes directly from Syria’s main oil fields in the provinces of Deir Ezzor and Raqqa, these fields are currently under the occupation of the Biden forces based on the standing order given to them by his predecessor, you remember: ‘I am leaving troops in Syria to keep the oil, I like oil’ statement by Trump? Here’s a reminder: Trump Forces Continue Looting Syria’s Oil in his Last Days in Office.

The US, with its control over the dollar which every bank in the world deals with controls those banks, is blocking Syria’s access to international markets to import the oil the Syrians need to bake their bread, cook their food, and use their vehicles, also to rebuild what the NATO-sponsored terrorists destroyed, another war crime by the USA and its EU lapdogs I’ve covered in multiple reports before.

The new project will help generate enough energy needed for the Industrial City of Adraa, a complex of factories and businesses in the northern Damascus countryside, this will help reduce the pressure on the country’s main grid allowing the now-consumed electricity by the city to be available in the public grid, excesses of power if available will also be made available to the national grid.

More in this report: Syria Launches Work on a 110 MW Solar Power Project in Adra Ind. City.

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