Syrian Farmer Killed Several Injured in Landmine Explosion Planted by Biden’s Terrorists

Another Syrian farmer was killed and several others maimed by a landmine explosion in Khan Sheikhoun farms in the southern Idlib countryside yesterday.

Freedom fighters aka Moderate Rebels aka Al Qaeda terrorists, NATO’s dearest investment, continue to kill and maim innocent Syrian people long after they’re defeated and evicted from the liberated areas in Syria, they planted tens of thousands of landmines all over the areas they infested and their NATO sponsors, the Turkish madman Erdogan and his sponsors the UNSC NATO trio the USA, France, and Britain refuse to hand over the landmines maps to the Syrian state and instead they’re impeding the work of the United Nations agency tasked to help countries demine landmine areas.

That is the ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ that comes with the US interventions all over the world, Syria is not the first country to be invaded but the Syrian people made sure nobody after them suffer the same, their steadfastness and heroism won the main war on US-sponsored terrorism and is winning the last battles remained causing the regime change domino to work in reverse order worldwide.

This latest farmer was on his pistachio farm working to provide life for his family when the landmine took his life away, orphaned his children, and devastated another Syrian family.

More in this report: Biden Regime Terrorist Landmines Murder, Injure, as Tears Flow on the Hill.

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