Biden’s America is Back: To Regime Change Business – Venezuela

It didn’t go anywhere to come back, the only difference between the current White House junta and the previous one of the orange man is the previous one was telling the world what his regime was doing while doing it without sugarcoating the war crimes, the current Biden’s junta likes to hide behind shining slogans, they think the world will still swallow those lies.

The targeting of the Venezuelan state has never stopped ever since the late leader Hugo Chavez took won the presidency and his line remains until this date despite the maximum pressure from their northern, western, and sometimes southern neighbors, those are the USA, its satrap Columbia, and Brazil, respectively.

In this context and after failing to squeeze the life out of the Venezuelan people by the blockade, sanctions, oil theft, money theft, assassination attempts, sponsoring nobodies to replace the sitting democratically-elected state, now the Biden’s junta are provoking Venezuela into a military confrontation. Forces loyal to Biden flew a military plane from the US-controlled Colombia violating the Venezuelan air space to the east although their trip should be to the north.

This is seen as a provocation waiting for the Venezuelan army to rightfully shooting down the intruders and the Pentagon will then mobilize its cannon fodders to kill and get killed so the 1% of the USAians can get wealthier.

Sounds familiar? It’s the same tactics the Biden and Trump regimes were and are doing in Syria with the help of their proxies: Turkey, other NATO members, Israel, the Gulfies, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and ilk, similarly in Iran, Cuba, Iraq, North Korea…!

More about this latest incident and the response from the Venezuelan government in this report by the prominent US political analyst Miri Wood: Venezuela: Biden Regime Invades Airspace, Provocation to War.

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