NATO-sponsored Terrorists Escalate their Crimes against the Syrian People

Sponsored directly by NATO’s second strongest country Turkey with its army providing them a military cover, logistics, and intelligence information, and indirectly by the other NATO members including the Gulfies and Israel, the NATO terrorists in northern Syria increased their crimes against the Syrian people by using heavy weapons to shell the homes of the Syrians in nearby towns and even the M4 highway connecting eastern Syria with its west.

Al Qaeda terrorists of the HTS shelled fired missiles at the M4 highway near the city of Raqqa, the shelling killed a civilian and injured 3 others in the vehicle they were in, this M4 highway is supposed to be secured by Russian and Turkish military police based on the so-called Idlib Agreement signed by the Russian President Putin and the Turkish madman Erdogan, and instead, we see the Al Qaeda terrorists firing missiles at it from their posts within Turkish army barracks.

Simultaneously, the terrorists in the northern Aleppo countryside fired with missiles and artillery the homes of the Syrians in several towns and villages in the same countryside destroying houses and inflicting material damage in farms and shops.

These escalations by the Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists with the full support of NATO are carried out in coordination with the Israeli increased aggression with the latest two bombings by the US’s 51st illegal state, Israel, against Syrian army posts in southern Aleppo countryside and in southwestern Homs countryside within 48 hours.

All these crimes are committed against the Syrian people during the holiest days of Eid Adha, the most important Muslim ritual in which Muslims perform the pilgrimage to Mecca.

More in this report: NATO Terrorists Kill Civilian, Injure Others in Shelling in Raqqa and Aleppo.

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