NATO Terrorists Murder a Woman and Injure a Young Girl in Northwest Aleppo Mortar Shelling

An indiscriminate mortar shelling by the NATO-sponsored terrorists targeting the town of Nubbul killed a woman and injured a young girl yesterday, the western mainstream media are mute.

Turkey is the 2nd strongest member of NATO after the USA, both of which sponsor terrorist groups they call ‘moderate rebels’ fighting against the Syrian people, one of these terrorist groups fired a round of mortar projectiles indiscriminately at the town of Nubbul in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo province south of Turkey.

The indiscriminate shelling killed a woman immediately and injured the young girl, it also destroyed a number of properties in the town.

This is one of the terrorist groups that benefit from the ‘humanitarian border crossing’ extended earlier this week by a unanimous United Nations Security Council vote!

More on this latest crime paid for taxpayers in NATO countries and in their names in this report: Terrorists Murder Woman, Injure Girl, in Nubbul Aleppo, Syria.

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