Iraqi Security Capture the Head of ISIS in Baghdad Delivering a Severe Blow to the Pentagon Hawks

Iraqi security forces carried out a lengthy and qualitative operation over 3 provinces and over 3 months to capture the head of ISIS in Baghdad, an important catch that would provide sensitive viable information to his captors.

Remember when Trump said he killed Baghdadi and Obama said he killed OBL? Why not capturing them and get the most valuable information from them about their terrorist organizations and instead just burying the troves of evidence with them, that is if they were really killed, anyway…

This terrorist said he’s the ‘governor of Baghdad’ in ISIS, a top rank in the terrorist organization which he assumed after a decade-history of crimes and massacres he committed in both Iraq and Syria.

After his former post of Emir in Raqqa, the last stronghold of ISIS in Syria, the terrorist sought refuge in NATO member state Turkey for more than 3.5 years, he did not pick Turkey randomly, the Turkish regime of Erdogan is the main sponsor of Al Qaeda and all its derivatives in the region including ISIS, this terrorist might have felt home among his peers under the protection of the Turkish ‘intelligence’.

More in this report: Iraqi Security Arrests Head of ISIS in Baghdad, a Blow to the Pentagon – video included.

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