Two More Civilians Killed by Landmines Explosion in Syria

Two more innocent souls were killed by explosions of landmines planted by terrorists sponsored by the USA and its NATO and regional allies in Syria, the latest victims killed this month were shepherds in the countrysides of the Syrian central provinces of Homs and Hama.

Yesterday’s landmine explosion killed a shepherd in the northwestern countryside of Hama near the borders with Idlib province, ‘al Qaeda’s last stronghold in Syria’ as NATO officials call it.

Earlier in this month, a landmine explosion killed a 17 years old shepherd in the eastern countryside of Homs deep in the Syrian desert.

Syria is suffering massively from these killing tools planted in their tens of thousands all over the areas previously infested by NATO-sponsored ‘freedom fighters’ of Al Qaeda and ISIS, these two anti-Islamic terrorist groups whose victims are mainly Muslims and who never fired a bullet against Israel or even against the US forces since 9/11/2001, no coincidences in politics, terrorism, or regime change policies around the world, everything else you’re told by NATO mainstream media is as the lie of Iraq’s weapons of mass destructions to justify invading the country.

Despite signing an MOU with the United Nations Mines Action Service agency, no action has been seen yet by this organization in Syria due to political pressure by the USA and its stooges in the United Nations, meanwhile, more innocent souls are killed in Syria, and in the countries who support the terrorism in Syria by virtue of Karma and divine justice.

More about these explosions in this report: Landmines Kill Two Civilians this Month in Homs and Hama Countryside.

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