NATO’s Proxy Terrorists Kill 4 Syrians Including a Child in 2 Attacks

NATO’s proxy terrorists of Al Qaeda and its derivatives killed and injured several Syrian civilians including a young girl in two terrorist attacks in northwest and southwest of Syria in the past 24 hours.

The first terrorist attack was detonating a bomb planted under the driver’s seat in a car belonging to a prominent judge in Quneitra province, southwest of the country.

Instead of murdering the judge, his son, a lawyer, was killed and his 3 and 5 years old children were injured with the shrapnel of the bomb, the son was taking the children in their grandfather’s car.

In a separate terrorist attack in the city of Afrin in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, the terrorists blew up a bomb in a car carrying civilians killing 3 civilians including a young girl, and injuring several others.

The city of Afrin is under the direct occupation of NATO’s 2nd largest army, the Turkish army, and groups of Al Qaeda terrorists.

More in this report: NATO’s Terrorists Murder 3 Civilians in Afrin and a Lawyer in Quneitra.

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