Villagers Kick Out US Troops – Oil Thieves in Northeastern Syria

The villagers in Farfarah kicked out the US invaders and their Kurdish SDF terrorists from their village chanting: ‘Get out, there’s no oil in our village to steal.’

Farfarah is a small town in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah, US army maintains troops there working for Biden and before him for Trump to steal Syrian oil and wheat, they sponsor the Kurdish SDF separatist armed terrorists and in return get on the ground protection from the Kurds who protect the US convoys stealing Syrian oil and wheat.

This confrontation is not the first between Syrians and the US oil thieves, last year the Trump forces shot dead a child in the town of Khirbet Ammo, another small town in the same countryside after the residents threw stones and garbage cans at the US army and forced them to leave their town.

‘Spreading democracy’ and ‘freedoms’ slogans do not work with the people on the ground, especially the awakened people of Syria, this might fool US citizens and their stooges in western Europe, the already free people who kicked out the French colonization last century will not accept another colonization under whatever fake slogans.

More in this report: Syrians in Farfarah Village Expel US Oil Thieves Army and their SDF Militia. – video included

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