Landmine Kills a Russian Soldier and Injures 3 Others in Northeast Syria

A landmine explosion killed a Russian soldier and injured 3 others on the road connecting Tal Tamr and Ras Al-Ayn in northeast Syria the day before yesterday.

The body of the dead soldier was taken to their base and his 3 colleagues were airlifted for treatment at the Darbasiya Hospital near Qamishli.

Their vehicle was performing a routine patrol as agreed with NATO member state Turkey on the frontline between the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists and the Turkish-sponsored Al-Qaeda affiliated groups in the north as per the Sochi agreements.

This attack comes after 2 weeks of the incident in which Russian military police chased off US oil thieves working for Joe Biden in the same region, there is a high chance these two incidents are related.

More in this report: Russian Soldier Killed and Three Others Injured Northeast of Syria.

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