European Sexual Jihadist Ladies – the Lowest in The Civilization Ladder

Terrorists are known to be at the lowest level in a civilization, they commit their crimes against innocent civilians, over 350,000 of those filthiest filth were sent to Syria from all sides of the planet as if every country wanted to get rid of its garbage, the US collected it and found wastelands in Syria’s neighboring countries where these human garbage criminals were given weapons and task then smuggled into Syria.

Now there were that amount of testosterone fueled with radical anger then sent on a killing spree they need to empty that testosterone, Syria had a good number of herds of livestock, they ate most of it after they emptied parts of their hormones in acts of bestiality and ran out of holes, sorry for the literal description, now they need wives for pleasure and to breed filths like them.

Can someone explain what else you’d call these ‘ISIS brides’? It’s not ISIS and they started pouring into Syria long before, from the early days as soon as the US-led war of terror was initiated.

Who communicated with these brides in countries so far? Who took care of their travels and border crossings from one country into the other until reaching some of the most dangerous zones in Syria? How come that most of them come from NATO countries? You connect the dots.

One example is now back to the headlines of a British sexual jihadist bride who was stripped of her citizenship, she was pleasing her husband/ maybe husbands while they were slaughtering Syrian innocent people in their towns and villages, babies baked in furnaces before their watching mothers and fathers, fathers beheaded in front of their children, the western mainstream media want you to feel sorry for her, not the victims who were slaughtered by the ones she was pleasing in bed and elsewhere.

Check this report, I’m disgusted enough to write more about it here: Shamima Begum: Western Supremacy Drama Turns Perps into Victims, Ignores Syria.

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